Prince Golden

Hailing from Columbus Ohio, Prince Golden got his musical career rolling while living in Tampa Bay. Starting off as a lyrical rapper, he soon found his grounding within the hard rock music scene. In 2010 he founded the alternative rock group Samurai Shotgun. Fusing rap music and rock together in a new way we have never seen before. You can expect Prince Golden to shock and awe listeners going from his fast lyrical rhymes to a gut wrenching scream all within the same song. When he's not performing as the frontman for Samurai Shotgun you can hear him utilizing his roots within his rap music. Beyond being an accomplished vocalist, he lends his hand as curating events, helping other artists reach new platforms with their talent. 


Prince Golden
Prince Golden
Prince Golden
Prince Golden Samurai Shotgun Afropunk
Prince Golden
Prince Golden Samurai Shotgun

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