Who is Louis Junior?

Who is Louis Junior? A weirdo but real tho lmao Who are some of your influences musically? Musically, I’ve found inspiration within artists with sounds and ideas that are a bit all over the place. Pharrell, Andre 3000 and Cudi are the more obvious influences. However; artists like Gil Scott-Heron, Linkin Park and Project Pat remain in heavy rotation on my end as well so that influence is definitely present. What age did you start writing vs. Performing? I started writing around 11 or 12 years old. Initially just flipping whatever songs were popular at the time. My own ideas came later on but that taught me structure - I could see the music from there on out. Performing came much further down the line, easily a ten year gap. Those songs I flipped then were not born out of a need to share. Any notable artist you'd like to work with in the future?

Not so much, I’m open to collaboration but I’m not one for forced creativity. What's your favorite tracks from your project " Nothing More, Nothing Greater"?

Black Rose or Fading. Black Rose was the first song I’d written for Nothing More, Nothing Greater. It was in a moment when I was no longer sharing new thoughts and ideas musically with others and I remember feeling like I needed to write that song. Fading, finds me dipping my toe in new waters I’d always wanted to try. Recording that song brought new confidence to a set of skills I’d never fully tried to share before for self conscious reasons. Get uncomfortable, it’s nice. Which do you prefer in what order, favorite to least?, writing, recording, or performing? That’s tough. I enjoy when the idea jumps out of the pen. I enjoy even more the opportunity to hear the song come to life outside of my head for the first time. However, conjuring a response from a crowd of people with that same idea feels amazing. I can’t really choose, it’s all relative. If you could only work with one, who would it be and why? Jay-Z, Kanye, Wayne, or Drake? I’d have to say Jay-Z. I don’t know how that song would sound but I do know it would make adolescent Lou very happy.

What can we expect from Louis Junior in 2020? I’ve been writing and recording new songs quite a bit lately, I think a new project will materialize from it. I’m working on traveling more, I want to share my sounds all over. I’ll for sure have some new music available this year in some aspect. Perhaps new visuals as well. We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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Photos by. George Goldberg, Drunkcameraguy, Evan.Cooper_

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