Who is Chiiirp? What is Chiiirp? Why is Chiiirp?

So, everyone always ask, why Chiiirp with 3 i's?  I added the extra 2 i's to Chirp in like 2011...I thought that it just looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye on paper. Plus, 3 is my favorite number. Growing up in Midwest, what are some of the biggest differences between Detroit and ATL? As a child, I had many inspirations from different musicians and what not. Blade Icewood is a Detroit legend who was shot and killed a few years ago. We grew up on his shit of course, and ghettotech style music. It's that Detroit house music sound, with explicit lyrics, which I still dance to today. Back in the day, I was heavy into certain Atlanta based artists as well, including Crime Mob, Oomp Camp, Pastor Troy and T.I., to name a few.  What made you want to cross genres with rap and metal? I was always into rock music since a child. I had so much music to listen to -I can thank BET, MTV and VH1 for that. Korn was my first rock album I purchased and I loved that NuMetal sound....Limp Bizkit too! Rap was my first mom used to play hip hop when I was little, so that was my introduction. In 2013, I wanted to incorporate heavy metal vocals and sounds with rap because I thought that it would sound pretty cool. It matches my aggressive persona, so it fits perfectly. I didn't think people would understand it....but look at the underground rap scene now!

What 3 artist would you like to work with in the future? I really want to work with MC Rebecca, The Wraith of Los Angeles, and Cardi B! I love everyones style and way of expression. Opeth would be a dope collaboration as well. Most memorable performance? My most memorable performance that first comes to mind was when TezaTalks brought me out as a special guest during her AfroPunk Battle of the Bands performance in October 2019. I turned the crowd up for her, got a pit going and pulled my tits out. She Won. It was so fun being so free and seeing the crowd enjoy themselves. Being multi talented, is there a preference to what you like from favorite to least?  I don't rank any of my talents from least to most favorite....I love them all equally. They all help balance me out so one doesn't get too drained out and boring from overdoing it too much. I will say that watercolor painting is EXTREMELY therapeutic for me. Being a visual artist as well, is there a piece that is valuable to you, that you have or haven't sold? I have a self-portrait that I painted in 2013 in college. It is a still shot from my music video, Hummaside. My mom tried to claim dad tried to claim it. I may sell it one day, but until's staying with me. It was the first of it's kind of any self-portraits I've done....very free strokes in the acrylic paint and brush chemistry. Favorite moshpit experience? OMG....GHOSTEMANE SHOWS ARE OFF THE CHAIN. I went to go see him live in North Carolina in 2019....the pit was so fucking insane that I don't even remember getting in it...I think I just watched from the sidelines. Oh yeah, I did...because I jumped in Ho99o9's pit in the set before Ghostemane, and broke all my acrylic nails off....that shit hurt like hell. I was like, FUCK THIS...I'm not about to fuck- oh, and I broke my glasses in the Ho99o9's pit. It was a hardcore night....AND I LOVED IT.  How would you like to better the world at this present time & space? I would like to just spread little messages to people to STAY STRONG by just checking in on them like I do....and being creative and continuing to post it so that I may inspire others to be productive and creative with their time right now. I also strongly encourage REST....cuz people need it. What can the world expect from you in 2020? 

Helping out Donald Trump be a nicer person....cuz he need immediate help. Mentally. 

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