Thundercat drops new song "Dragonball Durag"

The soulful L.A. neo-funk bassist Thundercat is nothing less than a master at his craft. On the bass and with soulful groovy hooks that swoon, he delivers his latest single "Dragonball Durag".

If you know of Thundercat, he loves clownin on social media and in real life.

On this single the lyrics are nothing short of a hilarious r&b song of intimacy and the love of his durag. With production by Flying Lotus, horns by Kamasi Washington, and keys by Dennis Hamm this track is as masterful as it is comedic.

Thundercat's new album will be out Spring April 3rd, be sure to check for it. Hear "Dragonball Durag" right below.

Photo Credit - JpegKai

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