The "Shmoove Tape" release party

It’s been a long time coming for the highly anticipated project from the Tampa emcee Sir Pap. With his ep "The Shmoove Tape", every track is produced by beat-banger Beyo, Sir Pap has dropped a superior sounding project, and this is what he's be push towards.

Now residing in Atlanta, Pap brings nothing but bars, style, and of course sauce. With this release party for "The Shmoove Tape" it shows the love, support, and vision of Pap’s magnificent work ethic.

Fellow artist in ATL banned together and opened up for the release of Pap's ep. A beat showcase from Everyone’s Homie kicked it off, followed by the sweetheart Trap Kitty, who also was the dj for the night.

Social Geekk brought the Mia 305 vibes out, the hip-hop trio Visibly in Flight brought the energy, and r&b singer Eddie Jones swooned the crowd.

Media specialist Mr.Shamoozoo was there to capture it all with pics below.

Sir Pap

Eddie Jones

Grvnd Mvsterwvve of Visibly in Flight

Social Geekk

Trap Kitty

Everyone’s Homie

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