The Mighty Zach Garren drops a solo project on his birthday!

First off, Happy birthday to Zach Garren!

You might know who this legendary guitarist is in the post-hardcore scene, but to most he is the next generation of kick-ass guitarist in the game, and just not in hardcore music.

Zachary Garren aka Zachy G is the lead guitarist for prog rock/ math rock band Strawberry Girls out of Salinas, CA. He is also an ex member of Dance Gavin Dance, which they still remain friends today.

We are blessed to receive a solo 10 track instrumental album from Zach titled "I" on his bday of March 14th, 2020. It totally came out of no where, but people are so happy it did. Especially during this ridiculous coronavirus epidemic.

From the start of the album with the intro joint "Vineyards" all the way to the end with "Mickey", this whole LP jams with nothing but dope grooves. Listen to thew whole project right below and enjoy this sweet ear candy.

Zachary Garren's new album, I

Photos by @jackson.hagin

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