OMG, Streets of Rage 4 is already a classic!

The wait is finally over! Streets of Rage 4 is among us!

This is definitely one of the best side scrolling beat em' game series out there. If it's not number one then it’s for sure in the top 5, the whole series alone.

The original SoR dropped in the Summer of 1991 and became critically acclaimed. The follow up Sor 2 dropped in the Winter of 1992, and the follow up of SoR 3 in the Spring of 1994.

SoR 2 still holds the title of being the best out of the trilogy.

Notably known for nonstop beatdowns and an awesome soundtrack that mixes techno, house, and hip-hop, it became an instant classic. Now we’re in 2020 at SoR 4 has finally dropped! Fans are ecstatic, and have been waiting over 20 years for this, and yes it pleases the soul.

Fresh and updated graphics, new and old characters, and you can play with the original soundtrack or the new one as well. I was a little skeptical at first with a new producer ( Olivier Derivire ) taking over for most of the music, but he did not disappoint . He even brought in other dope producers from around the world like Groudislava, XL Middleton, and Yoko Shimomura. The mixing and mastering on every track is clean and knocks if you have a nice surround system. It was awesome that Yuzo Koshiro, the originator of the soundtrack came back do lay down some tracks. It just wouldn’t have the feel without him, all video games gotta have a certain vibe to the gameplay.

I won’t speak about any spoilers, but go ahead and play it, rejoice, and cry. The fans are already for a part 5, and it seems more likely than improbable.

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