J Dilla Forever

J Dilla, Jay Dee, Dilla Dawg, Jay Stay Paid, real name James Yancey. The super producer extraordinaire has made beats for everyone to Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, MF Doom, and the list continues. Dilla passed February 10th, 2006, but his soul echoes through the world of hip-hop still, and will forever.

Ohio born lyricist Prince Golden dropped a tribute album to Dilla on May 1, 2011 called "Dilla Still Illa". PG was greatly inspired from Dilla and his production becoming one of his favorite producers.

Words from PG

" I was devastated from Dilla's passing, and wanted to show love in my own way. The best thing I could do was pick some of my favorite Dilla instrumentals and go in. I enjoyed the process, everything from writing, to recording in my boy's closet, and performing some of the joints live."

Dilla is a legend and his name will forever ring in the halls of hip-hop.

Check out Prince Golden's tape dedicated to the late great titled "DIlla Still Illa" on bandcamp and check out the video below.

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