House Of I - New Music And New Opportunities With Bushido Mob

Hailing from Miami FL, House Of I find new grounding in Tampa Bay. Though this is not their first rodeo, the band has been cutting their teeth playing live music, DIY recording, and even hosting their own podcasts on their YouTube channel. The current line-up consists of Guitar player Daniel Caballero, Elizabeth Piedrahita on the drums, and bass player Emmit Dobbyn.

House Of I member Kenny Rodriguez who played a key role in the group has now parted ways on good terms with the band. With one member down, and a worldwide pandemic, House Of I doesn't seem to let themselves be crippled by any of these handicaps. 2020 is bringing a lot of changes to the table, and with a new song from the band called "Nothing Is Fine," Bushido Mob is rooting for their future success by welcoming them as one of our latest artists on our label roster.

We love House Of I! And we're sure that you will too! Go ahead and listen to their latest single "Nothing Is Fine" out now on Bushido Mob Records.

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