The Introduction

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

The DIY approach has been the standard moniker for almost any creative, and taking risks along the way is all part of the fun.

As you're reading this you might ask yourself, what is Bushido Mob? Ever since Samurai Shotgun formed back in 2012, the band has been making moves on their own terms. Without the help of the "industry machine" the band continues to enjoy independence while breaking down barriers and creating what is true to themselves. Samurai Shotgun however is only part of a bigger picture.

Let's get down to business!

Bushido Mob started off as a concept by Tyler Mulder with an aim to branch out creatively while maintaining the collective atmosphere found within Samurai Shotgun. The band has always provided the opportunity as a group to grow through individual efforts, whether it be solo projects, live events, merchandising, art, and more. Bushido Mob has become the home for these various projects to live in. Tyler Mulder, Jovan Lecaro, and Mateo Henley are pleased to announce the arrival of Bushido Mob. Cheers!

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