For Those About The Hustle

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Do you feel like you're lacking in life? Looking for that motivational boost to help you move forward? Well look no further! If you're not familiar with the Sauce God then its time for you to learn a lesson straight from the East Atlanta Panda himself.

Bushido Mob's own Sir Pap enlisted the help of Tampa FL based producer Beyobe to tell us the story of what it's like to really hustle towards your goals. We all know that struggle when it comes to work/life balance, and to the average artist it is their creative work which really brings them true meaning to life.

"Better come up strong, and then ball hard. From the little leagues to the all stars. They cant say you ain't give it all heart." - Sir Pap, Lyrics from "Sauce God"

Without any doubt, Sir Pap was putting in all his time, money, and heart to bring you his best song of 2019, and Pap's newest video is a testament to that. You don't need to take a training course for a better life, do yourself a favor and check out Sir Pap's latest music video for "Sauce God," available now on all major streaming platforms. Video by Pablo Vasquez.

Click the video below to watch "Sauce God" by Sir Pap.

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