Abstract Hip-Hip at it's finest

Golden x Burns re-released their first project, self titled on 4/20/2020 With remastered tracks and a brand new video "Co-Sign", produced by the Tampa beat smith Wally Rios.

Prince Golden and Charles Burns are still solo artists, but when the duo comes together its nothing but gritty beats and bars. You don't see many duo's anymore in hip-hop or even groups for that matter. Their dynamics work great and they trade energy back & forth throughout the whole project.

Their first single and video for the track "Golden x Burns" produced by ill turntablist Dj Qeys knocks in any sound system, as the two emcees trade a barrage of lyrics.

In an era where not too many people value lyrics or this type of sound, Golden x Burns remains true to what they love towards the underground movement.




Photo by @chidokeef

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