Comics & Convo is Tampa's own premiere meet up spot for nerd talk and trash talk. Put together by comic and gamer connoisseur Dez Green, Comics & Convo is a place where you can chill, talk amongst fellow comic heads, play video games, listen to hip-hop, and discuss the latest or oldest anime's to date. Dez isn’t the only one that holds it down, fellow lovers of the culture are also producers and artist who have their hands all over the latest beat tape titled Flower Blossom.

Dez Green

Lofi hip-hop at it’s finest with production by Wally Rios, Reily Ilo, .44, and Wave 84. Nothing but good vibes, and beautiful samples throughout this project. Each artist reps their own holding it down for a smooth Tampa Bay sound.

Wally Rios

Listen to Flower Blossom below

Seems like everybody and their mother is a DJ nowadays. Nothing wrong with that though, because most of us love music. The average person spends most of their life listening to music whether it is voluntary or not. When it comes to being a musician, it's almost standard practice to be critical about what makes a song stand out as good music. We are no stranger to Jovan's skills as a drummer, and the quality of his amazing playing speaks for itself. But we are really here to showcase a talented DJ in the making.

What better way to utilize this time in quarantine than to learn a new skill. That's what Jovan did as he dived into the world of DJing. Keep this in mind, since he didn't have the tools to DJ until lockdown started. His passion and drive for this has been there before, and you'll see it shine brighter now that he's locked and loaded.

Jovan El Feo will be doing a DJ set on Instagram and Twitch Thursday 5/7/2020. Be sure to follow him at @jovan_el_feo and @bushidomob. Check out his previous debut DJ set below!

Golden x Burns re-released their first project, self titled on 4/20/2020 With remastered tracks and a brand new video "Co-Sign", produced by the Tampa beat smith Wally Rios.

Prince Golden and Charles Burns are still solo artists, but when the duo comes together its nothing but gritty beats and bars. You don't see many duo's anymore in hip-hop or even groups for that matter. Their dynamics work great and they trade energy back & forth throughout the whole project.

Their first single and video for the track "Golden x Burns" produced by ill turntablist Dj Qeys knocks in any sound system, as the two emcees trade a barrage of lyrics.

In an era where not too many people value lyrics or this type of sound, Golden x Burns remains true to what they love towards the underground movement.




Photo by @chidokeef

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