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The world is going through it right now. COVID-19 contamination has all of us wondering how to manage this situation? For starters, you should #stayhome and help prevent the spread of this virus. For those who are quarantined, schedule in some listening time with these 10 essential albums curated by Samurai Shotgun to help stop the boredom. If you like what you see, we recommend you share this list instead of your germs.

1. "Ahomale" - Combo Chimbita

The first pick comes from Jovan's archives. This album catches your attention when you hear the hypnotizing guitar work accompanied by the band's heavy riffs, ethnic grooves and wildly insane but beautiful vocal work, all swimming in sonic experimentation. If you never heard about "Tropical Futurism" music before, well here is your opportunity to culture yourself Combo Chimbita style.

2. "Broken Machine" - Nothing But Thieves

Bryant's choice for album number one makes for a good soundtrack for our quarantine time. The grooves are melancholy, but upbeat. The lyrics suggest themes of internal dialog, things falling apart, and hope for some resolution. At this point most of us can relate now that a virus has interrupted our daily life.

3. "99.9%" - Kaytranada

Can't go to the club? Might as well bring the club to you! Mateo's first pick will not only calm your nerves, but get you dancing in the living room or kitchen. Kaytranada's 99.9% should be a staple in your music collection whether you are quarantined or not. This album is just feel good vibes, and full of featured artists. A highly recommended mood booster.

4. "Live Blood" - Peter Gabriel

Tyler's first pick compiles most of his favorite PG songs reimagined live with the New Blood Orchestra. Peter Gabriel is known widely as an innovative songwriter in his own right, and this album brings it all together with a new sound. There is a studio version of this available, but listening to the live album seems fitting when you can't go to a concert during lockdown.

5. "The Slow Rush" - Tame Impala

This pick would surely be found on almost any music list, and thanks to DJ Qeys we have it on ours. His first pick is Tame Impala's newest album The Slow Rush. Full of synths sounds and drum grooves to bring you closer to inner peace. If you're a fan of artists like Pink Floyd, the Beatles, etc, then you should take time out to listen to this man's discography.

6. "Duality" - Yussef Dayes

Now for round two! Jovan's second pick is for the musicians, especially if you're into drums. This album is only two tracks long, but the musicality is enough to satisfy the listener's ears while begging for more. Drummer Yussef Dayes enlisted the help of bassist Rocco Palladino and on the piano Charlie Stacey for a trio project that will take your mind off everything that ails you.

7. "Voodoo" - D'Angelo

Bryant's next pick is a staple. If you don't know about D'Angelo's Voodoo, then you've been self quarantining for all the wrong reasons. This album has everything you'd want in an R&B record. Fantastic songwriting, strong grooves, ?uestlove, need I say more? Do yourself a favor and listen to this record, its good for your health.

8. "Tantabara" - Tal National

Tyler's second pick comes straight from Niamey, Niger. Tal National is considered to be one of the best high energy rock and roll bands from West Africa. The music is full of instrumentation, with guitar and drum work that would have you almost label this group as a prog-rock band. If this album doesn't uplift your soul than there is no help for you.

9. "You're Not You Anymore" - Counterparts

Mateo's second pick gets hard and heavy with Counterpart's album You're Not You Anymore. Being stuck inside can make you restless, especially when you cant let out your aggressions in public places. They closed the gyms, concert venues, but not your home. Put this album on for a pick me up, just don't punch a hole in your drywall.

10. "Outer Peace" - Toro Y Moi

DJ Qeys knows good music, he is a DJ after all. This final pick brings back the feel good vibes with Toro Y Moi's latest album Outer Peace. Chaz Bundick who is the mastermind behind this music never ceases to amaze listeners with his house/funk vibes. You can't really label his music though, it just falls under the category of audio excellence.

Thats it for the list. We could go into further detail on album specifics, but it's best that you go and listen for yourself. Share this post with your friends in quarantine, and let us know what you're listening to!

- Tyler

- Samurai Shotgun

- Bushido Mob



First off, Happy birthday to Zach Garren!

You might know who this legendary guitarist is in the post-hardcore scene, but to most he is the next generation of kick-ass guitarist in the game, and just not in hardcore music.

Zachary Garren aka Zachy G is the lead guitarist for prog rock/ math rock band Strawberry Girls out of Salinas, CA. He is also an ex member of Dance Gavin Dance, which they still remain friends today.

We are blessed to receive a solo 10 track instrumental album from Zach titled "I" on his bday of March 14th, 2020. It totally came out of no where, but people are so happy it did. Especially during this ridiculous coronavirus epidemic.

From the start of the album with the intro joint "Vineyards" all the way to the end with "Mickey", this whole LP jams with nothing but dope grooves. Listen to thew whole project right below and enjoy this sweet ear candy.

Zachary Garren's new album, I

Photos by @jackson.hagin

St.Petersburg, FL multi-instrumentalist Infinite Third just started his south east tour last week, and stopped in ATL at the new venue New Square downtown for a super personal set. Infinite composes so much underneath one umbrella.

The noise artist adds electronic, folk, ambient and so much more. This wasn’t the best of turnouts for Infinite Third due to the panic and craziness of the Coroonovirus spreading across the world, but he still showed up and played an awesome 30 minute set. Check out the some of the performance below.

Infinite Third at New Square in Atlanta