Born and raised in Miami, Daniel Caballero started playing in the band House Of I at the age of 15. Performing in legendary dive bars throughout South Florida, he slowly learned the ins and outs of the music industry. After wanting a change of scenery, Daniel and House Of I relocated to their new home in Tampa. "After purchasing the basic gear for recording, I took any opportunity to record the band's music, eventually recording and mixing House Of I's first releases and album "Alienation". After purchasing our first home, we began recording our first clients EP "Jungle" by Jaron Jammer. Shortly afterwards, we took a step forward and built a recording studio in our mother in law suite. Music is all i want to do. Making a proper career in music is my passion. I'am hopeful that partnering with Bushido Mob will help me achieve that goal."  - Daniel Caballero.


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